Melvin Ingram Is Back To Chargers Practice After ‘Hold-in’ Business Dispute

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Melvin Ingram, one half of the Chargers edge-rushing duo with Joey Bosa, wants paid and things boiled up this earlier this week when Ingram wasn’t exactly holding out, but he wasn’t doing much at training camp. That appears to have changed today as Ingram was on the practice field padded up and getting loose.

In the final year of his contract and set to make $14 million, Ingram has Bosa on the other side of the line with a brand new five-year, $135 million extension. Apparently some hard feelings developed over the summer.  Ian Rapoport called Ingram’s actions this week a “hold in” where a guy shows up to camp “still wanting a new contract, not saying too much, but not doing too much either.” Rapoport says new CBA language pretty much ended the days of official hold outs.

Bosa is on record supporting Ingram’s stance. “At the end of the day, it is a business and he has to take care of himself,” Bosa told the Los Angeles Times. “I think he would love to play with us. He wants to be out there. But he’s gotta handle business.”

Ingram, 31, has racked up three consecutive Pro Bowls — not a huge deal these days — and had seven sacks over 13 games in 2019.


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  1. Ingram benefits greatly from Joey Bosa being on the opposite side, there were plenty of years where Ingram sputtered being the #1 edge rusher for the Chargers.

    Only in America can a guy bitch, boondoggle, and mope around at his job while making 14 Million in annual salary. For perspective that’s $1,167,000 per month, $292,000 per week, $42,000 per day. In one day he got paid the average annual salary for many American’s to lay around and watch his teammates practice.

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