Megyn Kelly Says School’s Too Far Left, Takes Her Kids Out

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Journalist Megyn Kelly said the decision to remove her kids from school was easy, given how the schools have taken what she described as a “hard left” turn politically.

Kelly and her husband, novelist Doug Brunt, are the parents to three children, ages 7, 9 and 11. She explained her decision to Bill Maher on Maher’s HBO show, Real Time.

“We loved our schools,’ she said, explaining that the boys went to all-boys schools, and her daughter an all-girls school. “Loved our teachers, loved the students and faculty and parents. They were definitely leftist — we are more center right — but that was fine; my whole family are Democrats.”

But then the schools took it up a notch, Kelly added, including teaching “a three-week experimental trans-education program,” to her son’s third-grade class.

“They went hard left, and then they started to take a really hard turn toward social justice stuff,” Kelly said.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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  1. she is creepy and a grifter. she owes her entire career to bill o’reilly and then she helped get him canned.

    why would i listen to her empty analysis of anything. she has a house husband and $millions in the bank for no real value to discourse.

    i know this sounds harsh, but her opinion has zero weight. she sold her soul attacking Trump in 2015 and she can bite me.

  2. Some of y’all are nuts. You are either Trump ball washers or in need of psychological help. Either way. I hope you get peace.

    The worst thing of her life was the Trump stuff. I assumed she was center left and y’all will be disappointed when Clays left wing democrat roots show up.

  3. By the way, Bob, I don’t think anyone is worshipping at the feet of Trump. I happen to think most of his policies for the country were really good. The left hates Trump but, really, he is just a symbol of their hate. They absolutely detest us, those who are white conservatives. Particularly white males. They want us out of the picture.

    • I voted for Trump but he destroyed himself and the future of the Trump political movement with his actions after the election. Hardcore supporters love Trump, but much of the GOP electorate and most moderates are now turned off by him. This will lead to Trump loyalists winning primaries in 22 and getting blown out my Dems in the general.

      There is no substance behind the MAGA philosophy except that Trump got cheated, Trump is omnipotent, Biden sniffs girls hair, and Hunter has stuff on his laptop. The sooner Trump is permanently in the rear view mirror, the better.

      • Disagree. Trump`s policies and pushback on the Left are essential. I will say that Trump needs to shut up about getting cheated in the election. He lost and needs to accept it. The fact is he will be running this party for the next few years, either a the nominee or kingmaker. I believe (and hope) he will learn a few things from the last term (i.e. twitter, etc). As far as the RINO`s, they can get the f**k out. They will NOT get Trump, or any other GOP nominee elected. Hopefully, CPAC will be good for everyone there this weekend. We come back stronger and smarter next time 🙂

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