Meghan Markle Sex Doll Requests Are Coming In Fast And Furious, So Stock Up

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Meghan Markle may be absolutely intolerable since leaving Suits for the Royal Family, but you can’t deny that she’s still got it in the looks-department.

And, apparently, I’m not alone in the line of thinking!

Sex doll requests for both Markle and Princess Diana are at an all-time high over at adult toy company Inferno, so stock up today before they run out!

“We get requests for Princess Diana regularly, especially after the latest series of ‘The Crown,’ but we would never open ourselves up to accusations of cheapening her memory,” CEO Ben Stroud told South West News Service on Wednesday.

“If we were just motivated by money we would create Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton dolls and see through sales who is the most popular, but at heart, I am a royalist.”

Megan Markle sex dolls flying off the shelves.

Meghan Markle, Princess Diana sex dolls requests are at an all-time high

Smart move leaving Princess Diana out of this — that’s not appropriate in the slightest.

But Meghan Markle? Sign me up. I LOVED Rachel Zane on Suits, and thought Markle would be an awesome American representative in the Royal Family.

PS: No idea if I’m supposed to capitalize that, but I ain’t about to find out.

Anyway, turns out Meghan is the worst and pretty much everyone over there despises her. What a twist. Tough break for the pro-Rachel Zane crowd, but whatever.

Apparently, people don’t hate her enough to not want to have freaky sex with her lookalike doll, so I guess she hasn’t completely lost the American people yet.

Also, Kate Middleton? That’s a no from me, dog.

Elsewhere in the sex doll game, Tom Hardy gets a lot of requests over on the male side — from women AND men!

“I presumed he would be popular in the UK, but Americans and Asians love him too,” Stroud said.

And if you thought Princess Diana requests were odd, folks also frequently request Tupac sex dolls. So, you know, there’s that.

Any of those names float your boat?

These bad boys cost just under $1,000 for a custom-made doll, but some can be rented out for a three-day fee of $750.

Be Kind, Rewind!

Written by Zach Dean

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