Media Outlet Demands MSNBC Fire Chris Hayes For Criticizing Democrats

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MSNBC host Chris Hayes criticized Democrats, and a liberal outlet is now calling for his job.

On Monday, Hayes called Democrats weak for not doing more to fight the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“Democratic Party leadership shouldn’t sugarcoat it, pretend there’s a magic wand they could wave, to reverse this terrible decision,” Hayes said on All In. “There isn’t. But they do need to articulate a plan to fight back. And right now, I gotta say that is shockingly absent.”

Hayes appears unaware that working at MSNBC requires an oath never to broadly criticize Dems on-air.

The Palmer Report, an outlet as woke as MSNBC, has seen enough. Palmer is demanding that MSNBC fire Hayes for his disloyalty to progressives:

#FireChrisHayes for questioning Democratic leadership. Seems reasonable, no?

Hayes must be careful. MSNBC won’t fire him for this one-time slip-up. He has been a loyal enough soldier to offset this one grave mistake. However, you only get so many strikes at MSNBC. 

Earlier this year, former MSNBC host Chuck Todd criticized Democratic strategy and the Biden Administration in back-to-back weeks. And after a bevy of left-wing journalists called for his job, Todd became a “former” MSNBC host. The network hooked Todd in May for agitating the liberal base. So the move was justifiable.

Hayes is also a white guy. MSNBC doesn’t like white guys — their hosts remind viewers daily. You do not have nine lives, Chris.

“If you’re attacking the Democrats right now, all you’re doing is handing the Republicans more votes in the midterms,” the Palmer Report concludes. 

Hmm. It’s hard to see how Hayes could swing an election with his current viewership. Despite prime real estate at 9 pm, Hayes ranks 37th in cable news.

That isn’t good.

Viewers do not turn to MSNBC for honest reporting or the facts. MSNBC is there to spit out spin-jobs and left-wing propaganda. What Hayes did on Monday was a false advertisement.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

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  1. First what’s the Palmer Report? Do they even have enough heft to actually do something or just more loud screeching liberal crying?
    Second, how militantly progressive do you have to be before you get the blessing of the Palmer Report?

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