Media Ignores Deaths Dropping By 90%, New Coronavirus Death Low Since April 21

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So I wake up this morning and I know I shouldn’t be surprised by this, but stop me if you’ve heard this before, the mainstream media is completely ignoring that deaths have set yet another new coronavirus low.

Yesterday 273 people died in this country with the coronavirus, which is down over 90% from the high set back in late April.

It isn’t just a new trend here either, we have set new lows for deaths for nine straight weeks now.

Nine. Straight. Weeks.

That seems like a pretty big story that should be leading newscasts and websites everywhere.

Yet what percentage of people do you think know that coronavirus deaths have declined for nine straight weeks and that only 273 people died of the coronavirus on Sunday?



Why is that? It’s because the media is obsessed with fear porn, not giving you the actual news.

The fact that deaths have declined for nine straight weeks in this country, and that they are now down 90%, is a pretty significant trend that is receiving almost zero mainstream media attention.

As if that weren’t enough this collapsing death rate is also paired with another major piece of news that is receiving minimal attention: the CDC announced that based on their antibody studies they now believe over 25 million people have been infected with the coronavirus. Based on the CDC’s numbers, which actually appear to be quite conservative, this would mean that regardless of age 99.5% of all infected people are recovering from the coronavirus and that nearly one in every ten people in the country has already had the virus.

This also means if we could keep this virus out of nursing homes, where most states have seen over half of all deaths occur that the coronavirus has a death rate roughly the same as the flu for anyone living outside of nursing homes.

Let me repeat that, if you are living outside of a nursing home you are roughly as likely to die of the flu as you are to die of the coronavirus.

Again, this seems like majorly important news, the kind of news that everyone should know because it can aid us in implementing intelligent public policy.

Yet it’s almost impossible to find anywhere.

Now I’ll readily admit it’s possible we may have hit a low and deaths may inch up this week. The death numbers have gotten so low, and our country’s population is so massive, it’s also possible they are going to stick here for a while and not budge very much. It’s not as if this virus is just going to disappear without a vaccine, we’re going to have to get used to living with it. It’s also possible deaths are going to continue to decline too. We just don’t know.

But what we do know is for nine straight weeks they have declined, which is three more weeks than they increased when this outbreak began in earnest back in March. (After we shut down the country deaths increased for six straight weeks before beginning their decline.)

As if that were not enough, it’s also important for media to put all this death in context.

On Sunday we had 273 coronavirus deaths. Which means on average there were over 7200 people dying of something other than the coronavirus in this country. That also means the coronavirus represented just 3.6% of all deaths yesterday. (Plus, the media continues to confuse the difference between dying with the virus and dying of the virus. Most people dying of the coronavirus have multiple co-morbidities. We still have no idea how many people have died of the coronavirus this year and wouldn’t have died of their other co-morbidities otherwise. That’s why until we see the total death numbers for 2020 we will have no idea how many excess deaths actually occurred in this country.)

And yet most in the media even paying attention to all this data.

Yes, cases have increased in some states, including the state I’m presently in, Florida, but most of those cases occurred in people in their twenties and thirties and people in their twenties and thirties have nearly a zero percent death rate from this virus. So there’s no guarantee that increasing cases is going to change much of anything in this country. The fact that cases are increasing certainly a part of the coronavirus story, but it’s not the only part of this story.

The mainstream media continued to lose their minds all week over the positivity rate on coronavirus tests moving from 5% to 7%. Let me repeat that, we’ve gone from 95% of all tests being negative to 93% of all tests being negative over the past couple of weeks. And that’s what the media has lost their minds over.

Meanwhile they haven’t spent any time at all pointing out that deaths — which I think it’s fair to say is in the single most important data point — have declined by 90%.

I just feel like I’m taking crazy pills when I see the way this coronavirus story is being covered.

Anyway, I’m taking my family to the beach now.

I hope you guys all have great Mondays.

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Written by Clay Travis

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