'World's Hottest Weather Girl' Announces She's Moving to OnlyFans

One can make an honest living reading the weather on air. Others can make an honest living on OnlyFans. Some even get to experience both career routes.

Yanet Garcia, who once earned the title "world's hottest weather girl" during her weather-reading days, is on her way to OnlyFans.

The world's hottest weather girl used her TV skills to make the announcement:


1.1 million views.

Word is, Yanet was a fan favorite to be the weather girl for Televisa Monterrey, a channel in Mexico. I've not confirmed this rumor, but I hope no one lied. In case you were wondering, Yanet earned the nickname on the job.

Yanet reportedly quit the gig in 2019, when she moved to the US.

I wish both Yanet and her former employer the best. The latter, well, ever heard of "next person up"?

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