Will Cain Talks Disney, Keith Olbermann with Clay Travis and Buck Sexton

Fox & Friends co-host Will Cain joined the Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show on Friday.

Before the conversation began, Will questioned Keith Olbermann's eligibility in OutKick's 2022 Woke All-Star bracket.

Will: I was thinking this, I think it was yesterday, I was voting in your poll ... I don’t think Olbermann gets to count and I don’t think Rex Chapman does. Now, here’s why. Because I don’t know that either of those — Rex maybe, but I don’t think Olbermann — is a true, indoctrinated wokester. I think Olbermann is just nuts.

I think he’s nuts, and Chapman may be as well. But you know, the Jemeles of this world believe in woke ideology as a path to power or as a path to what they consider to be social justice. Honestly, if you told me Olbermann had a bunch of racist stuff in his background whatever, I mean, I wouldn’t be blown away. He’s just nuts.

Fair. But Olbermann is still the worst and looks woke to me.

Speaking of losers, the gang next talked about the Disney employees who are protesting because DeSantis passed a bill that bans the sexual indoctrination of children.

Will:I can’t explain what’s going on with those employees, but I would say that Disney is just like and maybe even more to an extent every other corporation in America where they’re terrified of their employees and again terrified of that small radical minority. They’re not catering to their customer base. They’re catering to some fear of being branded something — transphobic, racist, whatever it may be — by this small percentage of their employee base.

And then beyond that, whatever voices they hear on social media. And then, therefore, to bring that back to Biden, is the Democratic Party gonna go down the same path? Are they gonna go down the path of Rashida Tlaib and AOC, which is the path to the wilderness, or when they decide or they have to move on from Joe Biden, do they get smart and go, “You know what? Maybe like a Joe Manchin type gives us our best chance at governing."

Clay: It’s a great question, Will, and we’ll talk about maybe when we come back and certainly it’s gonna be a conversation for months to come. Encourage everybody out there, by the way, to watch Fox & Friends with Will on Saturday, Pete Hegseth, Rachel Campos-Duffy. I think you guys will enjoy that for sure. But is there…? I think it’s gonna be Hillary, right? I mean, that’s my prediction.

Will: Hey, can I say I just recorded a podcast with Piers Morgan. We debate covid, masks, vaccines, gun control — and we agree on woke culture. You don’t want to miss that as it drops on Monday in the Will Cain Podcast.

Check out both Will's podcast and Clay and Buck's show below:

You can read and listen to the full show at ClayandBuck.com. 

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