Will Cain Discusses OutKick's Interview With Tucker Carlson About Opting Out of the System

On his new Fox News podcast on Monday, Will Cain reacted to our interview with Tucker Carlson last week. In particular, Cain responded to Carlson encouraging all four of his children to skip college and saying that if he were 22 years old, he'd opt out of the system completely.

The conversation begins at the 15-minute mark. Check out the segment and Will Cain's full podcast below:

You can play it in the browser here:

Cain, who has two sons of his own, says he has begun to have the conversation about college with his wife, and he's not sure whether he prefers his sons attend.

As with Carlson, I found myself agreeing with many of Cain's concerns, notably that college is no longer a place for ideas but a place to learn how to accept what you are told. Cain adds that debate has essentially been banished across college campuses.

"I'm not interested in spending half a million dollars so that my kids can be taught that the true history of the United States is Howard Zinn's People's History," Cain said on his show. "I don't care how much fun I had in college. I don't care how much I love college football.

"That's when I thought about Tucker Carlson," Cain goes on. "Tucker Carlson gave a fascinating interview with OutKick.com. He talked to Bobby Burack, who is a writer at a website that you should certainly spend some time reading."

Cain then discussed Carlson's answer to the question of what a 22-year-old Tucker Carlson would do in 2021. Here's Carlson's answer to OutKick:

"Oh, I would drop out completely. No question. I’m about to be 52. If I was 22, there’s literally no chance I would join some big company or work for the government. Or even some system with central control. That’s just a disaster. And, of course, the system is openly racist now. So depending upon your skin color, you know exactly what your chances of success are. It’s gross. I would opt out of it completely.

"If I were doing it now, I don’t know, I would move to southeast Idaho. I’d move to western Montana, and I’d start my own thing. Maybe I would start a newspaper there. If I were going into journalism, I’d start a podcast. I wouldn’t go work for a major company in a big city and enter the system — no way. I would rather start a fishing guide or try to buy a hardware store. I wouldn’t participate in the system at all. It’s a dead end. It’s collapsing. It certainly doesn’t want people like me."

Cain then echoed a point that I've written about over the past few months: that corporate CEOs don't always agree with woke politics, but they know they must pretend that they do in order to keep their jobs.

Think about that. The top individuals at major companies have to sacrifice their spines to keep a job. Those under them, therefore, have no choice but to do so as well. And that's the system. It determines your potential based on factors that have nothing to do with your skillset.

Cain said he is fascinated by Tucker Carlson's advice to buck the system, leave, and go create a fishing guide. But he also offered a ray of hope: because the system is rotten, it is ripe to be replaced with alternatives.

Cain says that since Big Tech will only allow one point of view and the media accepts only one side of the political aisle, then there is room for alternatives for both entities.

That happened to sports media just in the past few years. ESPN drifted so far away from average sports fans that viewers, listeners, and readers looked for other places to go. They found OutKick and Barstool. This same idea can apply to each industry that fails to represent most of America.

By the way, as someone who listens and covers various podcasts, I find Cain's format -- solo on three hot button topics -- far more thought-provoking than the podcasts which rely on guests. I recommend adding his show to your routine.


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