Why Was Roger Goodell Hugging Chris Jones Like They're Dating & Did He Tell Jones, 'I Don't Care How You Hit The Quarterback?"

Roger Goodell's behavior with Chris Jones after the Chiefs won the Super Bowl was something you'd see out of an Instagram model reacting to her baby daddy winning a title. Even super annoying Brittany Mahomes wasn't as cringy as the NFL commissioner as he shared an embrace with the Chiefs defensive lineman.

What the hell was this, Roger?

And as if this wasn't cringy enough, many NFL truthers are saying they hear Goodell telling Jones, "I don't care how you hit the quarterback."

Now, I don't need a lawsuit brought against me by a guy making somewhere around $64 million a year.

*Disclaimer for the lawyers: I'm not saying what Roger said. I'm just saying what others are saying they hear.

Take a listen to the footage and you make the call.

If Roger really did say, "I don't care how you hit the quarterback," what does that mean exactly? Does Roger tell that to all stud defensive linemen? Only linemen he likes?

If I'm hearing this audio correctly, it needs to be explained by the commissioner. He needs to tell fans what he meant by it and he also needs to answer why he's acting like he's some Instagram jersey chaser. I've watched hundreds of videos from the Super Bowl and I've yet to come across a video of a Chiefs wife or girlfriend who's about to wrap her legs around her man and act like they're 18 and about to bone after prom.

Answer for THIS Goodell.

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