WATCH: 'The Batman' Trailer Drops, Showing The Dark Knight Going Even Darker

One character that DC has yet to ruin is the Caped Crusader aka Bruce Wayne aka Batman.

A new film titled The Batman has long been in the works at Warner Bros., with Matt Reeves — director of the two recent Planet of the Apes movies — taking on the project. His vision was to make Bruce Wayne and his vigilante persona even grittier than iterations of the character played by Christian Bale or Ben Affleck.

As part of DC Fandome on Saturday, Warner Bros. salvaged their day at the presentation by dropping the first full trailer of the new Batman flick.

Though the lead's casting led to some backlash, actor Robert Pattinson completely fits the look and tone of a Batman from The Long Halloween comic — which inspired the movie's plot.

The trailer also provides glimpses at the update versions of the Riddler and Penguin — also showing off this movie's rendition of Catwoman ... which is worth the view alone.

The Batman is set to release on March 4, 2022.

Will it surpass Christopher Nolan's version of the Dark Knight? Check out the new trailer:

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