WATCH: Fauci Says National Lockdowns Should Not Be Out Of The Question Based On New Variant

Anthony Fauci's record of dealing with the outbreak of COVID-19 may be measured by the population's confidence in the doctor nearly 20 months since it hit the U.S. 

To address the public over the latest COVID variant, Fauci appeared with George Stephanopoulos on ABC Sunday morning to, once again, add nothing but bad news to the discussion.

Fauci, founder of science, responded to George's inquiry over reinstated national lockdowns and deemed them a necessary consideration for public safety moving forward.

Regarding mandates, Fauci stated that lockdowns and a federal vaccination requirement should be the focus of overcoming the omicron variant.

"Everything is on the table," responded Fauci during a separate media appearance on NBC's Meet the Press.

He added, "This is a clarion call ... If you're not vaccinated, get vaccinated. If you're fully vaccinated, get boosted. Get the children vaccinated also. We now have time. Thank goodness that the South Africans ... were completely transparent."

Fauci also appeared on CBS' Face the Nation to discuss critics of his expertise dealing with COVID, including Republican Senator Ted Cruz. Apart from dubbing himself the face of science, Fauci diverted the conversation to the January 6 event at the Capitol to questionably stick it to Cruz.

When asked about the virus' developments for the past year and a half, Fauci's responses have been glib, which may prove the multiple media session are needed to get his expertise across ... though his not quite sure catchphrase is continually wearing thin with an increased number of Americans.

And when touted as a pillar of hope in exiting the COVID-19 pandemic, Fauci's track record has been laughable at best.

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