WATCH: CNN+ Talent Rex Chapman Pays Tribute To Dead Coach, Who Is Still Alive

Dedicated to Pete Gillen (1947 - )

Switch Rex Chapman's iPhone out with a microphone and he'll show you why it's better to steer from his original content.

(Congrats, CNN+)

Appearing alongside a panel of CBS broadcasters on Saturday to delve into the March Madness slate of games, Chapman's commentary led to a major folly when he spoke on the former Providence and Virginia Cavaliers coach, Pete Gillen.

Reflecting back on Gillen's run, Chapman decided to throw in a last-minute R.I.P. to the former coach ... who happens to still be alive and well at 74.

Making matters worse is Gillen's current employment with CBS, which likely explains the confused reactions facing Chapman after his ill-timed tribute.


As reported by OutKick's Bobby Burack, CBS / Turner signed Chapman to cover the NCAA tournament and produce original content for CNN's streaming service, CNN+.

Chapman's pedigree for producing digital material includes quoting viral content and the occasional pander to the woke mob.

"Again, unless Jemele Hill is interested, I can’t think of a worse addition to the March Madness team than this guy," noted Burack.

Rex Chapman's Broadcasting Career (2022-2022)

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