Washington Sets Date To Lift Indoor Mask Mandate, COVID Passports For Large Gatherings

Washington is (slowly) getting back to normalcy.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee announced that March 21 has been set as the official date to lift the majority of indoor masking requirements.

The rule will eliminate the need for masks at bars, schools, restaurants, stores, entertainment venues and most public settings.

Locations still held to the masking rule include hospitals and other medical offices.

"At that level of hospital admissions, the hospitals will be able to have relatively normal functions," Gov. Inslee's office announced on Thursday.

The governor also set March 1 as the end of COVID vaccination proof to enter largely crowd events.

Illinois and Hawaii are the two remaining states with indefinite retention on indoor mask mandates and subjecting children to mask up while attending school.

Despite California lifting its mask mandate on February 15, Los Angeles County remains under a never-ending order for indoor masks and COVID passports.

California Governor Gavin Newsom spoke on Thursday regarding his decision to keep the county masked, deeming himself one of the first to implement an "endemic" approach, which was a pleasant way of assuring Californians that restrictions can be restored; upon call for an "emergency" response.

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