Volvo Is Poised To Give Away $2M Worth Of Cars If THIS Happens In The Super Bowl

Volvo is preparing to give away up to $2 million worth of cars if a safety is scored in this year's Super Bowl. All we have to do is head to Volvo's website and configure the car of our choice.

Don't want to be a downer, but this feels like those Dr. Pepper Halftime giveaways. No way Volvo gives us a car for clicking a few buttons on the computer, right? Apparently they are.

Last time the middle class invested their time into something, the stock market froze. This time, we have a chance to kick off 2021 with a brand new Volvo. Not exactly the brand of choice, but we'd squeeze into Shaq's Buick if he SHAZAM'd us one.

For clarification, you get to build ANY new Volvo in ANY color available in the US market. Only nine safeties have ever been recorded in Super Bowl history, so what we're saying is there's a chance.