VIDEO: OutKick 360 Breaks Down Why Mitch Trubisky Is A Top Free-Agent QB, Which Teams Are Interested

Seen as one of the most valued backups in the NFL last season, former Bears and Bills quarterback Mitchell Trubisky enters the free-agent market this offseason with plenty of appeal for interested teams.

The OutKick 360 crew discussed Trubisky's stock as a free agent, and which teams are the strongest suitors to sign the QB.

"Mitchell Trubisky is going to be an NFL starter again after backing up Josh Allen in Buffalo," Jonathan Hutton said. "And it's no surprise to the Bills, who openly said toward the end of the year that Trubisky would not be back after signing a one-year contract."

"How many teams are going to be in the bidding for him?" he asked. "Because there's still a handful of teams who are in need of a quarterback ..."

Hutton, Chad Withrow and Paul Kuharsky laid out which NFL teams bear the strongest interest to sign Trubisky — shouting out Carolina, New Orleans, Indianapolis, Seattle, Minnesota and even Pittsburgh.

Withrow delved into the Steelers' potential interest to land Trubisky.

"I keep coming back to Trubisky's going be playing for Pittsburgh," Withrow said. "In my mind, I feel like they're going to draft a quarterback but they're going to get Trubisky. He's a good bridge option. ... I could see him getting Pittsburgh to the playoffs.

Kuharsky added, "Here's the thing about Trubisky: he comes with the next best commodity to excellence: hope. He's not so bad that you gotta settle. You say, 'Maybe we can make something of him.'"

"He's a guy who in his career has thrown for a little over 3,000 yards a season," Hutton noted. "He doesn't get 20 touchdown passes a year but he also doesn't have a lot of double-digit interception seasons."

"He's just very steady. ... At least he gives you hope."

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