Vaxxed And Boosted Colin Cowherd Is 'Confused'

Colin Cowherd, who has, for the most part, stayed out of the COVID debate since the Wuhan Flu made its way to the shores of the United States, is showing possible cracks as the Omicron variant wave plows through the country.

Outside a COVID mention in August 2021, the Fox Sports host has been nearly silent on social media when it comes to the pandemic. Then, out of nowhere, he tweets this.

"I’m not taking sides here but .. half the stuff I read about Omicron, makes me MORE confused. I’m Vaxxed and boosted," Cowherd tweeted Wednesday. "All I can do. I refuse to believe constant hand washing will help at this point."

And that was that. Cowherd didn't expand on his tweet.

What's this mixed messaging Cowherd's referencing? It's impossible to know if he doesn't further explain what he's talking about.

That said, mixed messaging has left many people besides Cowherd confused. Last week, the Washington Post reported officials in the White House were frustrated by the mixed messaging.

“Inside the administration, frustration has also been mounting. Officials acknowledge the rapidly changing virus complicates the pandemic response, but some worry public statements have only added to many Americans’ confusion. At times, her guidance has also been at odds with that of other senior administration officials, most notably, that of Anthony S. Fauci, President Biden’s chief medical adviser,” the Post reported.

There's confusion & mixed messaging at the college level where Duke students aren't allowed to attend in-person learning, but they're allowed into Cameron Indoor Stadium for basketball games.

There are mixed messages about when people should get tested for the virus. In Fort Myers, FL, people waiting for COVID tests are just tired of the madness.

“My work goes by the health department rules, but the CDC says something different,” a person waiting in line told WINK-News.

“You don’t know who to believe at this point,” another person in line told the news outlet.

Remember, after nearly a full year of federal mandate attempts and strong-arming, Joe Biden is on record saying there's no federal solution to this pandemic. This is on the states.

Cowherd won't be the last vaxxed and boosted blue checkmark to start asking questions. This is just the beginning.

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