Unvaccinated Army National Guard Captain Talks COVID Mandates: Tomi Lahren

An unvaccinated Tennessee Army National Guard Captain joined Tomi Lahren is Fearless to discuss why we — as free Americans — have been censored, silenced and forbidden to question the COVID vaccine.

Mickey Shelton, Tennessee Army National Guard Captain, joined Tomi Lahren in studio to discuss.

"We've seen and we even addressed this with the governor," Cptn. Shelton said. "First off, you know, it's been over a little over a year and a half that we've tried to express our opinion, saying, 'hey, for one — we think this is wrong. Two, it's not stopping anything. People are still getting COVID and they've just ixnay. The whole thing about natural immunity and it's crazy. You're talking about vaccinations. You know what, the military. But we're among the most vaccinated, healthy people when it comes to that here here in the country, because we get jabbed with so much stuff and, you know, there's been so much I always get the question, well, you know, you've taken so many other vaccines. Why not just get this one?"

Here's everything the two discussed on Tomi Lahren is Fearless:

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