Twitter Inexplicably Suspends Karen Rovell Account

For a lot of OutKick readers, the Karen Rovell satire account is among the best things on Twitter. For Twitter, it deserves to be silenced.

It's true, as Twitter has suspended the account that mocks sports-business reporter and resident "coronabro" Darren Rovell. The account's official handle is @ItsKarenRovell and features a profile picture of Darren Rovell in an old-school wig.

As usual, Twitter offered no explanation for the suspension. Karen Rovell's biggest crime, it seems, is tweeting thoughts that add a ridiculous touch to some of the already ridiculous thoughts tweeted by Darren Rovell, most of which are related to COVID-19 fears.

Meanwhile, no word on whether the two OutKick satire accounts -- ExposeOutKick and OutKaep -- will receive the same type of treatment.

It does show that Twitter remains entirely against freedom of speech, unless the narrative fits the far-left organization.

Karen Rovell, you have our support. And believe it or not, you also have the support of Darren Rovell himself.

So hey Twitter, you're up. Let the man -- or Karen -- have his fun. Nobody is bothered but you.