Transgender Volleyball Player Severely Injures Female High Schooler With Spike to the Face

For any serious person, it's been abundantly clear that allowing transgender athletes (biological males) to compete against biological females can cause safety issues in girls' sports.

The vast biological differences between biological males and females creates any number of problems, whether through competitive fairness, or in the case of a North Carolina volleyball match, severe injury.

The Blaze reported on a local story out of Cherokee County, North Carolina, where a transgender player spiked a ball so forcefully that it caused "severe injuries" to a young girl's head and neck.

There's low quality video of the incident, which shows the female volleyball player getting hit and collapsing, and then staying down for a substantial amount of time.

With videos like this, it's no wonder that many on the right are making transgender athletes competing in girls sports a major campaign issue.

According to The Blaze, the injuries that the girl suffered have been substantial, and she still hasn't been cleared.

"The girl is still said to be experiencing long-term concussion symptoms, such as vision problems, and has not been cleared to return to play either by a physician or a neurologist."

Due to her injuries and the unfair, dangerous physical disadvantages that create a "safety issue," the local Cherokee County Board of Education voted to cancel all future games against the opposing school, Highlands High School.

The Post Millennial apparently confirmed the incident and quoted board of education member Jeff Tatham saying,

"I don’t know if that’s faster than normal, but it seemed like it was coming off very fast, abnormally, especially fast," Tatham said. "It not only hit her in the face, then the ball came off of her face with enough force to then go back through the net."

Another board member said the coach claimed that he'd never seen a spike like it in 40 years of experience.

They also explained that the issue of transgender athletes has created a "competitive advantage issue," that comes up "in any scenario with that type of transgender conversation."

Transgender Athletes in Girls Sports

The dominant cultural conversation around transgender athletes, usually biological males, competing in girls and women's sports has generally focused on the happiness of the male involved.

Instead of asking the girls how they feel about being forced to compete at a disadvantage after training and working hard to maximize their abilities, schools, administrators, corporations and the media choose to prioritize the feelings of the transgender person involved.

By focusing more on appeasing the gender activists who push for unrestricted competition at the expense of girls and women, these institutions have enabled this kind of behavior.

Their ideology and political agenda requires them to ignore the fundamental biological differences between men and women.

So young girls, through no fault of their own, are placed at increased risk to placate radical gender activists.

The media is so supportive of these measures that the local news story from the North Carolina ABC affiliate entirely omitted the fact that the girl was injured by a transgender athlete.

Telling the truth is less important than protecting an ideology.

Until intellectual honesty and basic fairness returns to these conversations, there will undoubtedly be many more instances like this, where young girls are put in harms way by adults too cowardly to protect them.