Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald to Host Weekly SiriusXM Show

Is Howard Stern no longer the biggest name on SiriusXM?

SiriusXM announced Monday that Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald, and Jim Gray will host a one-hour weekly radio show this season on the network's Mad Dog Sports Radio channel. Let's Go debuts on Sept. 6 and will air every Monday at 6 p.m ET. After the program's broadcast, the SXM App, Pandora, and Stitcher will carry the show in podcast form.  

"Tom and Larry are generational talents, two of the best to ever play the game," said Steve Cohen, senior vice president of sports programming for SiriusXM. "We couldn't be more excited to have them on their own SiriusXM show, talking directly to our listeners."

Fitzgerald has yet to commit to an 18th season with the Cardinals.

Two years ago, I would've had little interest in Radio Co-Host Tom Brady. Despite his greatness, Brady has always been, while off the field, incredibly boring. Then 2020 happened, and Brady left the Patriots, sat down with Howard Stern, and found a witty voice on social media. I'm all in. So are you, Boston sports radio fans.

Last season, Aaron Rodgers appeared on Mad Dog Sports Radio's Pat McAfee Show once a week. If Mad Dog can manage weekly appearances from Rodgers, Brady, and Fitzgerald, then it should rival terrestrial radio lineups in weekly headlines. However, it's unclear if Rodgers will appear this season with McAfee and AJ Hawk.

To answer your question: no, Bill Belichick won't be calling in to Let's Go. What a great name, by the way. Will Brady's signature pre-game yell serve as the show's theme song? We can only hope.

ESPN Radio is set to counter Tom Brady and Lary Fitzgerald with Mike Golic Jr. and Chiney Ogwumike. The choice is yours...

Okay, Howard Stern is still king of SiriusXM. For now.

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