Three Million Children Have ‘Dropped Out’ Of Full Time School Since Pandemic

In an alarming report Wednesday, the New York Times found that almost three million children have dropped out of full-time school "because of the shift to virtual learning from in-classroom learning."

Three million, that's roughly the school-age population of Florida.


The Times says students in poor and minority communities -- the group politicians say they care most about -- have been deeply affected by the shutdown. Many students across the country do not have access to an internet connection. The National Education Association (NEA) estimates that 25% of school-age children do not have broadband access or a web-enabled device.

The drop-out rate was also most alarming among major blue cities such as Los Angeles, California, and Washington, D.C, where teachers unions have pressured school districts to continue with virtual learning.

The Daily Wire released the following data:

Data warned us of this outcome, so it isn't unexpected. There were hints of this at the beginning of 2021 when ABC News found that over two million K-12 students were no longer showing up for school, calling them essentially "off the grid."

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