Thom Brennaman Thinks He’s Ready For Comeback After Getting Canceled For Slur

Last August, Thom Brennaman was caught on a hot mic referring to San Francisco as “one of the f-g capitals of the world." Moments later, Brennaman's poor choice of words gave social media one of the most ill-timed apologies in recent memory.

Unaware that he was speaking into a hot mic, Brennaman dropped the derogatory term on air and wound up suspended and jobless. “On the TV pre-game show, when I wasn’t aware that we on the air but when my mic was hot, I made a homophobic remark. Although it wasn’t on-air, the clip made its way to the internet and went viral from there," Brennaman told Sports Broadcast Journal.

"There’s no defending the word I used in any form or fashion. I’ve owned up to it every second since.The moment it left my lips, I knew it was over. It was just a matter of time. I anticipated a suspension and lots of backlash.”

More than a year removed from twice going viral for all the wrong reasons, the former Reds broadcaster is plotting a comeback.

After spending this summer on the sidelines, Brennaman tells David J. Halberstam that fans want him back in the booth: “If I’m in the grocery or getting a cup of coffee at the local convenient shop, 99% of those I bump into, I’ll hear, ‘We wish you were back, we miss you!’ Let’s say it’s even 90%. Are execs going to make a decision to appease the 10%? Wouldn’t you listen to the massive 90%?”

As he attempts to get back behind the mic, Brennaman has the support of one of the most well-known broadcasters of our era, Bob Costas. "He’s told me that the crime doesn’t match the punishment," said Brennaman to Halberstam.

"When Les Kasper left Cubs television last fall, Bob picked up the phone and recommended me for the job."

Any team looking to go viral should give Brennaman a call.


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