'The View' Rushes Co-Hosts Off Stage After Testing Positive for COVID Before Kamala Harris Arrives

ABC proudly announced this week that Vice Pres. Kamala Harris would appear on The View on Friday, her first talk show appearance in-studio since being sworn into office. Since then, it has gone downhill. All of it.

Moments before the segment, Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro had to leave The View's set after testing positive for COVID.

Take a look, don't laugh:

Hostin and Navarro both indicated they are vaccinated.

Now, The View says Harris will join the show remotely from another part of the ABC building instead of the main set. Meanwhile, viewers are now watching Joy Behar openly cough on live TV.

If we ever needed Joe Buck to narrate an event, it's today's episode of The View, not a football game.

This could be a breaking news story. If it goes even further off the chains, check back to OutKick for updates.

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