The Miz Recreates Brian Windhorst Meme

You know you made it when The Miz impersonates you.

We are talking to you, Brian Windhorst.

Windhorst is Nostradamus, calling NBA news well before it happens. And he does so in the most meme-able way possible.

Here's Windhorst on the first day of NBA free agency gearing up for the Jazz to trade Rudy Gobert:

Perhaps a better version:

These subsequent memes caught even the attention of The Miz. Here's The Miz from Raw on Monday:

It turns out that Miz and Windy -- not a bad name for a tag team -- go way back. They are bros:

See that, Vince? Miz and Windy vs. The Usos at WrestleMania -- book it.

This moment of fame for Windhorst is well earned. While Shams Charania and Adrian Wojnarowski get attention for breaking scoops 30 seconds before the team announces the news, Windhorst provides insight well before it happens.

Windhorst most notably predicted a James Harden trade in February, while Wojnarowski said it would not happen. Spoiler: It happened one day after Windhorst's prediction. Windy -- 1; Woj -- 0

Windhorst is also a strong TV talent, unlike Charania and Wojnarowski. He's informative, goofy, and a bit charismatic. Best of all, his teammates rave about him as a person.

If there is one person at ESPN to root for, it's Windhorst.

Now, keep the memes coming.

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