The Happiest Place On Earth Trapped 30,000 Inside Because Of One Positive COVID-19 Test

More than 30,000 people were trapped inside Disneyland Shanghai because one person tested positive for COVID-19 inside the park. CNN's report claims everyone in attendance was required test before they were allowed to leave the park.

This is exactly what we meant when we asked "when does this end?" Of course we know the lunacy never does because we're actually smart, however our media hasn't covered this. Requiring paying customers to get tested to be let out is laughable and people should have refused.

Here's a photo of people lining up like it's Nazi Germany.

"Police blocked the exits, forbidding people to leave until they had tested negative," CNN reported.

Any pro-vaxxer should raise an eyebrow at this development. They obviously don't because their heads are up Dr. Fauci's cheeks, but they should honestly ask themselves when was the last time people locked anywhere absent of a violent or sexual crime was a good thing? Roughly 30,000 people attempting to have a happy nigh at Disneyland were suddenly treated like fugitives. If these Disneyland-goers want fair treatment, instead of being treated like a fugitive, they should come through our southern border. We treat them like kings and we're even offering $400,000 bonus checks.

Look at this bizarre scene:

The park will be closed until Tuesday as visitors have been told they'll need a second test, South China Morning Post reports. Shutting down entire venues over one positive test should go to show the world that power is all they want. If they can do this, what can't they do?