Study: A Mere 25 Percent Of Twitter Users Produce Nearly 100 Percent Of The Tweets

Users on Twitter are down, but they're not out. They're actually incredibly loud.

At least that's what a new Pew Research Center study revealed, finding that a minority of Twitter users are producing the vast majority of tweets.

Or more specifically, 25% percent of Twitter users produce a whopping 97% of all tweets. So those who might be considered "active" on Twitter are moving their mouths the most -- and if not their mouths, their typing fingers. Everyone else who uses Twitter basically just reads it.

Pew Research went on to note that the large survey also indicated that users find Twitter both informative ... and a tad bit evil.

"For instance, 46% of these users say the site has increased their understanding of current events in the last year, and 30% say it has made them feel more politically engaged," Pew Research reported. "On the other hand, 33% of users report seeing a lot of misleading or inaccurate information there, and 53% say inaccurate or misleading information is a major problem on the site."

Misleading information? On social media? You don't say.

The extensive study also revealed what Republicans and Democrats both think of Twitter, with 60% of Republicans thinking that Twitter is mostly bad for American democracy, compared to 47 percent of Democrats thinking it is mostly good.

"Meanwhile, similar shares of Democratic and Republican users say that issues such as the tone or civility of conversations on the site or the presence of inaccurate or misleading information are major problems," Pew Research wrote. "But Republican users are far more likely to say it is a major problem that Twitter limits the reach or visibility of certain posts (59% vs. 17%) or bans users from the platform (61% vs. 6%)."