Stephen A. Smith, Who Tried to Ruin Max Kellerman's Career, Calls Kyrie and Ben Simmons Worst Teammates Ever

Stephen A. Smith declared Nets guards Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons the worst and most selfish teammates he has ever seen. And he has seen a lot of teammates, he adds. Here's Smith from First Take

First Take. Smith admitted last summer that he had worked to sabotage Kellerman's career. “The rumor’s accurate in terms of me wanting off the show,” Smith told Hot 97 in August. Smith added that they asked the bosses to kick Kellerman off the show at the start of  2019, 2020, and 2021. What changed in 2021? Smith threatened to leave, telling ESPN execs that he would depart the show if Kellerman did not. From February, in his own words: “I’ve been honest about this. The show needed a change But I also said to the bosses, ‘Listen, I think time together has passed. If you want to keep him on the show and not me, so be it.'" Worst of all, Smith isn't done bullying Kellerman. See, ESPN tyrannical exec Dave Roberts, who runs First Take, is in cahoots with Smith. Robert is the front-facing "boss," but Smith is the boss. So Smith is still making life hell for Kellerman because Roberts is in control of Kellerman's new radio show from 6-10 am ET,  Keyshawn, JayWill and Max. What's more, Kellerman now has to deal with radio co-host Keyshawn Johnson, an egomaniac who is rising the ranks as a "friend" to Smith. Stephen A. Smith moves the needle on television. I respect that. But I have no respect for how he treats others. Irving and Simmons are bad teammates. Yet Smith is far worse, earning him the OutKick Woke Hack of the Day.

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