Stacey Abrams Lies That She Put Her Mask Back On After School Photoshoot

Democrat candidate for Georgia governor Stacey Abrams has apologized for not wearing a mask while she visited with schoolchildren last week.

Last night, Abrams opened up to CNN's Erin Burnett about a photo that went viral on social media. Abrams apologized and insisted that she put her mask back on after she read to the students and posed for the picture.

"My responsibility in that moment was to explain to those kids why I was doing something they weren't doing and then as soon as possible to put that mask back on," Abrams says.

That is a lie.

On Tuesday, OutKick posted exclusive photos that showed Abrams did not take off her mask for the photo because she had spent the entire day without a mask. You can't take off what you don't put on.

Take a look at the following photos we obtained from Abrams' visit to Glennwood Elementary School last week:

All day, no mask.

So we now know Abrams is a hypocrite, a vocal supporter of mask mandates for others, and a liar. What's worse, CNN let her lie with zero pushback.

Abrams spread this lie during the 7 pm hour on Tuesday, six hours after we posted the above photos showing Abrams had not worn a mask all day. And CNN knew about these photos because nearly every news outlet, both conservative and liberal, picked up OutKick's photos.

An obese politician spending a day maskless around masked-up children is disgusting, and so are Abrams' lies and CNN's complicity.

Stacey Abrams is shameful, and CNN has no credibility.

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