So-Called Experts Wrong Again, This Time About Mask Mandates

In the case of the COVID-19 pandemic, group think doesn't pay, says OutKick founder Clay Travis.

Clay used a New York Times survey of 570 epidemiologists to illustrated his point. The epidemiologists were asked earlier this month how long they thought Americans would be required to wear masks.

"80% of them said for a year or more. Some said forever. Just 5% said a few more months. Three days after the survey the mask mandate ended," Clay tweeted. "None saw it coming."

This is where the "group think" angle comes in.

"Time after time 'experts' have been proven to be guilty of group think and poor at assessing dynamic & evolving situations, even in fields they have spent their entire lives studying," Clay tweeted. "This is fantastic evidence of this group think."

Along with that, it is true that virus experts have sort of stuck to a worst-case-scenario narrative, then often fall silent when their theories are proven incorrect or flawed.

As Clay pointed out, this appears to be one of those times.