Skip Bayless And Stephen A. Work Through Their Problems By The Pool

Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith are no longer upset with each other.

Last week, Bayless released a 40-minute podcast refuting Smith's claim that Bayless begged him to join First Take in 2012 because ESPN was about to cancel the show.

Smith said after accepting the offer, the program catapulted to "No. 1" within a month. However, Bayless called Smith's telling of the story a lie, saying that it blindsided him and hurt his feelings.

Essentially, both fighters claim they were the Batman during the rise of First Take. But like the "brothers" they are, the two got together over the weekend, shared some memories, and hugged it out.

On Sunday, Father's Day even, Smith went to Bayless' house in Los Angeles to work through their problems by the pool.

Bayless has the details below:

"It wasn't the easiest conversation," Bayless explained.

I don't doubt that. It probably was a tad awkward for Smith to pull up to Bayless' house one week after Bayless bragged about making more money than he does.

But Bayless goes on to say, they "slowly but surely sorted it all out."

"We got through it," Bayless adds. "And we've been through so much together. We are still standing. We are okay now ... we are good now."

So the chances of a reunion are still alive, whether it be a Bayless return to First Take or a pool-side reality show. Naturally, we are rooting for the latter.

You love to see this type of forgiveness between two television hosts fighting over who was the bigger star in 2012. (By the way, I say it was Bayless based on the numbers.)

There's nothing like seeing two guys who got rich debating LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan put aside their differences for the greater good.

Thank you, Stephen A. and Skip. Or should it be Skip and Stephen A?

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