Shouting Match Breaks Out Between ESPN Houston Radio Show Hosts

Jayson Braddock and Patrick Creighton, the hosts of 'Late Hits' on ESPN 97.5 in Houston, got into a shouting match live on the air Tuesday night and ultimately led to a fed-up Braddock telling Creighton to, "do the show, bitch."

Creighton accused Braddock of checking out of a segment. Braddock claims Creighton asked him to do some research for a segment. Braddock fires off f-bombs and leaves. It was the kind of segment that probably had guys talking this morning at the water cooler.

Imagine doing radio from 7-9 five nights a week with the same guy while in a studio. Eventually someone is going to snap. Luckily for us ESPN Houston was recording. Now THIS is how radio is done. Do drama like this more often and these two could dominate Houston sports talk radio.

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