Shocker: The Only People Who Trust The Liberal Media Are Liberal Voters

According to a FiveThirtyEight poll, the only people who trust our media happen to be liberal. It's almost like our entire media caters to liberal policy and can't comprehend that hardworking Americans might think for themselves.

What's most telling is the trend of Independents. When Americans who don't register as Republican or Democrat think you're untrustworthy, you know you're in a bad spot.

One thing the graphic points out: That "distrust in the media reached an all-time high among Republicans while Donald Trump was president." This actually makes sense as Trump took the job to "drain the swamp," didn't he? That slogan was mainly directed at suits in Washington, but it was also aimed at our media's job to report news.

Donald Trump understood the shady behavior of people hired to help our country, and he exposed all of them. We even saw some Republicans like Vice President Mike Pence get exposed during November's election.

And who's surprised to see Democrats in this country buying in to media coverage and trusting people they've never met? The fact that 73% of Democrats trust the media is terrifying. 73% of people on earth probably don't even trust their spouse, yet Democrats are willing to be led by people who make money off our country's dysfunction?

Anyone who believes hindsight king Dr. Fauci at this point should be charged with a misdemeanor. Maybe we can have Dr. Jill Biden check them out?