Senator Josh Hawley Talks with Clay Travis

Senator Josh Hawley joined Clay Travis Friday morning on Fox Sports Radio to discuss the Chiefs returning to the Super Bowl, the NBA's relationship with China, cancel culture, and other hot topics facing the nation.

Hawley, a Chiefs fan, was in high school when QB Joe Montana first arrived in Kansas City. Like most Chiefs fans, Hawley admits this Chiefs team has a load of football riches, starting with Patrick Mahomes.

"Mahomes is a generational talent," Hawley tells Clay.

Clay and Hawley then got into the genocide in China and how the NBA refuses to even mention it.

"The NBA situation is really problematic," Hawley begins. "We've seen reports that a lot of the NBA apparel is made by slave labor. If the NBA wants to be the corporate citizens they say they are, they need to step up.

"I'm not asking the NBA to comment on social issues, they profit off this stuff. They ought to stand up and be slave-free. They should say, 'We are going to be slave-free, and we condemn the genocide.' So far, it has been crickets, and that is pretty disappointing."

Hear the rest of the interview and their conversation on cancel culture below, starting around the 10:00 mark:

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