Self-Proclaimed Supporter of Gay Rights Elle Duncan Won't Talk About NBA Partnering With Country Where Homosexuality Punishable By Death

There's no bigger fraud at ESPN than anchor Elle Duncan.

In March, Duncan interrupted the NCAA Women’s Tournament to express her anger over a Florida law that prohibits teachers from talking about sex with very young school children. Duncan said the law was unfair to the LGBT community, which she claims to support fully.

Yet like most public hypocrites, Duncan supports allegedly oppressed groups only when it's advantageous to her brand.

For example, her silence on the NBA -- a league she pretended to cover as she tried to get a job as host of NBA Countdown last season -- partnering with the United Arab Emirates to hold a preseason game next season. In the United Arab Emirates, homosexuality is illegal and punishable by death. So in the UAE, the government can murder those who are gay.

One would argue that the right to kill gay people is "bigger than basketball." What say you, Duncan? We asked her, but unfortunately, she didn't have a comment.

Elle Duncan is fighting for the right for kindergarteners to discuss sex with their teachers, while her beloved NBA sidles up to a government that can kill gay people. #GayLivesMatter, amirite?

Duncan is a corporate stooge who dishonestly uses her platform to launder her brand through woke politics. She feigned outrage over the Florida law because it was trendy and hip amongst the Twitter crowd, her primary fan base.

However, condemning the NBA for partnering with homophobic assassins is risky. As pampered as Duncan is at the network, holding an ESPN league partner accountable could have consequences.

Duncan is not an activist or a risk-taker, as she purports to be. She's an opportunist, rising the ranks at ESPN by mouthing the right politics.

In 2020, Duncan first exposed her hypocrisy. She allegedly froze fellow anchor Sage Steele out of a social justice special, even as she branded herself as an advocate for black women amid the "racial reckoning." Steele says that Duncan convinced the ESPN executives that the black community no longer accepted Steele, a biracial woman, and ESPN ultimately removed Steele from the broadcast.

In other words, Duncan supports women of color who get in line and think like her. Not the bad girls like Sage Steele, who have conservative views.

The NBA pulled the 2016 All-Star Game out of Charlotte because of a transgender bathroom bill, but is now going to the UAE where homosexuality is punishable by death. That's disturbing, yet the loudest gay rights advocate at ESPN won't say a word about it.

On this topic, Elle Duncan has chosen to shut up and anchor.

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