Schooling The Libs: USC Professor Ignores The Cancel Mob's Cries To Take Down Blue Lives Matter Flag

"If all lives matter and Black lives in particular matter, then we need to make sure that they're secure," commented USC professor James Moore, responding to the outcries from staff and students to remove the Blue Lives Matter flag hanging from his office.

Professor Moore kept the flag in his USC office in support of the positive effects from policing. The message of the flag has evolved as more students seek to cancel Moore's stance and backing of the blue.

The professor went on Fox & Friends Friday to detail how the opposition has only strengthened his objective with positively promoting America's police. Moore also stated that the narrow viewpoint promoted by anti-police movements, such as Black Lives Matter, has been on perfect display as a result.

"I wanted to communicate to progressively-oriented students that there's a competing point of view," Moore said. "They live in something of a progressive bubble on a college campus… I wanted to communicate to conservative students, of which there are many, that in fact they're entitled to their voice, that the messages they hear are really not representative of society at large."

Though the cancel mob on university campuses tend to get their way, USC's Office of Equity and Diversity detailed that the flag fails to violate any school codes.

"The university does not have a policy that limits the display of materials in spaces like this, though we are looking at whether it is needed," the university announced. "As part of the university’s commitment to academic freedom, a faculty member can express his or her individual beliefs and viewpoints on a wide variety of topics – even controversial issues – but they do not speak on behalf of a school or the broader university."

Moore continues to stand for an American society protected by a police force, led by a creed to protect all people.

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