Russian Forces Approach Kyiv, Moscow Streets Flooded With Protestors

Russian President Vladimir Putin's military operation is beginning to approach the Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv.

Late Thursday, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced that Russian forces were seen approaching Kyiv within a "20-mile range."

Footage circulating on social media from Kyiv showed explosions caught within the city. Civilians retreated at the sight and sound of the Russian attack.


Despite facing a gamut of economic sanctions on Thursday, President Putin has pressed forward in his conquest to seize Ukraine without easing his foot off the pedal and may reach its goal of overtaking Kyiv in roughly a day's time.


Thursday afternoon gave way to a rush of backlash against Russian President Vladimir Putin's order to invade Ukraine, the second-largest country in Europe.

Russian civilians took to the streets of Moscow, near Pushkinskaya Square, in outward opposition of the president's autocratic tirade.

Protestors were also seen in Saint Petersburg standing against Putin's order.

Protestors were heard shouting "No to war." More than 600 protestors were detained, according to The New York Times.

The Times caught a reaction from a 44-year-old civilian named Anastasia. She called the ongoing siege of the Ukraine "monstrous."

“The world has turned upside down,” declared the protestor. “Everyone must be here, it is the only way to show that something monstrous is happening."

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