Ruling On Trump's Facebook Ban Delayed For More 'Careful Review'

A final ruling on Facebook banning former President Donald Trump will take a little longer than originally anticipated, according to an independent oversight board.

"The board's commitment to carefully reviewing all comments has extended the case timeline," a spokesperson told French website AFP. "The board will announce its decision on the case concerning former US President Trump's indefinite suspension from Facebook and Instagram in the coming weeks."

The oversight board was expected to make a decision on whether Trump's ban from Facebook and Instagram was permanent or temporary by the end of April. Facebook banned Trump from its platform in January after an attack on the Capitol building.

"Conservatives on Capitol Hill and beyond have contended that moves by Facebook and Twitter to 'deplatform' Trump demonstrate political bias and inhibit free speech," AFP wrote. "An extended public comment period ended in February with more than 9,000 submissions regarding the case, according to the board."

Facebook requested that an independent body to review Trump's eviction and help make a decision on it.

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