Rhode Island Health Dept Orders Oral Surgeon To Stop Practicing For Defying Vaccine Mandate

A Rhode Island oral and maxillofacial surgeon who openly challenged vaccine mandates was sent a compliance order that prevents him from seeing patients. He is now fighting back.

Dr. Stephen Skoly said in an interview with FOX Business that he has yet to have a hearing to state his case for naturally acquired immunity or any kind of medical exemption he may have.

"It's very shameful," he said. "I'm sick and disheartened about it, and also frustrated. ... The health and safety of my patients or staff have never been compromised or jeopardized. Like other healthcare workers, we worked through the pandemic."

Skoly, who said he has had COVID-19 in December 2020, also mentioned his chronic Lyme Disease condition and his past case of Bell’s Palsy as reasons why he would not get vaccinated, RI News Today reports. Skoly said the results of his medical antibody titer test shows he still has a strong immunity level.

"The state and the Governor is refusing to accept naturally acquired immunity," Skoly said.

The Notice of Violation and Compliance Order sent to Dr. Stephen Skoly on Oct. 1 can be seen here — it states that Skoly did an interview with the Providence Journal and said he was knowingly unvaccinated and was still going to continue to see his patients.

Rhode Island Department of Health Director Nicole Alexander Scott said in the order that there were several other public recordings echoing the same message.

RI News Today reports Skoly filed for the appeal in the violation order after learning about the actions against him from the media. He said he did not receive it at his current email address. He also said he called the Governor to discuss the mandate and exemptions, natural immunity, etc., but has not made contact.

Skoly said he hasn't seen a patient since Oct. 1 and serves some of Rhode Island's most vulnerable individuals. RI News Today reports that the renowned maxillofacial surgeon is known for his charity and advocacy work — in addition to a private practice, Skoly provides dental care to both the Department of Corrections and the Eleanor Slater Hospital.

He said he plans to seek a temporary restraining order so he can "challenge the science and let the Department of Health and let the Governor recognize naturally acquired immunity to let me practice again."

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