Reviews Say LeBron's 'Space Jam' Movie Sucks

Space Jam: A New Legacy starring LeBron James sucks, according to nearly every film critic. Get ready, these are good.

Fair enough.

CNBC, not as liberal as the rest of NBC's properties but still bad, calls Space Jam 2 a "bloated mess."

Word is LeBron's new film was scored "Rotten" on Rotten Tomatoes, holding just a 37% score. For context, that's awful.

Space Jam supporters and LeBron stans bragged about the film's CGI. According to the L.A. Times, though, the movie's CGI mirrors a garbage tornado. 

And that's from the L.A. Times, an outlet that has protected LeBron at all costs. So, how terrible is this film?

Vulture claims the movie really is that bad. The Wrap, which is usually friendly to LeBron, slammed the film's attempt at humor.

Cinema Blend gave Space Jam 1.5 stars. That's out of 5. "LeBron James looks like he has no interest in Space Jam: A New Legacy, so why should we?" the outlet asks.

One could say LeBron's performance is an airball. But anyone who uses that exact wording must properly credit NME, which used the word first.

Keep in mind that most film critics share the same worldview as LeBron James. Meaning, they too, don't like America. Critics' biases undoubtedly play a role in their grading scales. To critics, the quality of a film matters less than a film's performers, messages, and political stances. Thus, when Metacritic scores Space Jam: A New Legacy a 37, it means the film is about a 17.

Conclusion: this movie really sucks.

For those keeping a list -- and I'm certainly not -- LeBron has proven to be horrible at the following:

He's a good basketball player, though.

Don't watch Space Jam: A New Legacy.

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