Reports: San Francisco COVID Cases Rise To Incredible Heights Despite Stricter Guidelines

California is issuing COVID-related mandate after mandate, ad nauseam, but to incredibly little avail.

The latest example of that comes in no less than San Francisco, a city with strict and generally suffocating guidelines. And all of it appears to have the opposite effect of what's hoping to be accomplished.

Instead, COVID cases are reportedly up an amazing 582% in San Francisco. Five-hundred and eighty-two percent? You have to wonder how that's even possible. It's almost as if people are walking around licking each other.

But that's not the case. They're being required to mask up and take the full vaccine to even get to participate in day-to-day activities.

Other graphs and charts show similar widespread failure in states such as California and New York, passports and mandates are showing to be little more than the government trying to control citizens -- as opposed to actually solving problems.

Masks? Mandates? Passports? California has them all. It also is setting the mark when it comes to unheard of numbers in cases of the viruses. But again, Cali isn't alone. The more mandates a city or state put in place, the higher the numbers tend to rise. It just goes to show that those often take the strictest measures are often also the most wrong in their approach.