Reporter Infuriates Bills in the Post-Game Presser

Bills safeties Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde got mad at a reporter during Monday's presser following a 14-10 loss to the Patriots.

After losing a game in which the Patriots threw the ball only three times and rushed for over 200 yards, WIVB reporter Jerry Sullivan asked the two Bills if they were "embarrassed." 

"I mean, what kind of question is that?" Poyer responded.

"What are we doing, bro?" Hyde jumped in. "That's funny. "We'll remember that. I'll remember that."

While exiting the presser, Poyer turned back to Sullivan to say, "It's respect. It's all about respect. I come here every week and answer your questions truthfully, honestly. I appreciate you guys. Don't do that. Don't do that."

Sullivan asked a trap question, a question with only one answer. The safeties were not going to say they were "not embarrassed" and send a message to the locker room they were not torn up about a late-season divisional loss.

So Sullivan clearly wanted Poyer and Hyde to admit they were embarrassed. It's as if Sullivan already drafted the headline "Patriots 'Embarrassed' the Bills" and needed confirmation to put quotes around the word "Embarrassed."

Watch below:


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