Race-Baiters In Media Cost Mike Richards His Job

Mike Richards is stepping down as host of Jeopardy!, just a week after Sony named him the show's permanent host.

Richards' decision comes after reports surfaced that he made offensive comments towards a female colleague in 2013 and 2014 and off-color remarks about Jews. Via the New York Times, Richards released the followingmemo to staff on Friday:

Richards made a mistake nearly 10 years ago. He should apologize, and we should allow him to grow from that mistake. However, there's more to this story than Richards' remarks. Richards was a target of the press before The Ringer this week unearthed his remarks from 2013.

Two weeks ago, CNN published a confusing hit piece on Richards that didn't get to its true point until the final line, which reads:

"The choice of yet another white man, who also happens to be an insider of elite TV media, sends a clear message: The boys are not ready to hand over the keys yet, and no amount of public shaming or appeals to diversity can convince them that they should."

Ahh, that's why the country is all of sudden taking anti-Semitic comments seriously.

CNN and media outlets alike have been unable to accept that Sony chose a white male. In the minds of media writers, because a white male held a position in the past, it's racist if another white male individual takes that position. All white males should be disqualified from it. In other words, CNN views you only by your skin color and looks at those with the same skin color as you as part of your team.

Sony knows this, and won't make the same "mistake" twice.

Jeopardy! will presumably keep Mayim Bialik as host of specials and replace Richards with another host for its syndication programs. Put me down for LeVar Burton, for whom the media outlets are still campaigning.

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