Proposed Rule Change Would Keep NFL Teams From Hiring Coaches Until After Super Bowl

The Buffalo Bills proposed a significant rule change that would alter the timeline in which NFL teams can hire head coaches.

The proposed change, if voted on and approved, could ban teams from interviewing both front office and coaching positions candidates until after the Super Bowl, NFL insider Albert Breer reports.

“The Bills have submitted a rules change proposal to the NFL that would bar interviews for front-office and coaching positions until after the conference title games, and hirings until after the Super Bowl,” Breer tweeted. “Owners could vote on it this offseason. Would be a BIG change.”

All head coaching hires this season were announced before the Super Bowl, which was on Feb. 7.

The Spun states that Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll and defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier were coaching through the playoffs and didn't get a fair shot at being considered for a head coaching gig.

Buccaneers' offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich and defensive coordinator Todd Bowles also didn't get a chance at a head coaching position after their Super Bowl coaching roles were complete.

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