ProFootballDoc: Josh Allen Could Miss Time For UCL Elbow Injury

Our OutKick thoughts and analysis on Bills QB Josh Allen from yesterday were confirmed today.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen on Monday tweeted about Allen's ulnar collateral ligament and the ulnar nerve issue that confirmed our initial worries from yesterday.

The UCL is the "Tommy John" ligament. No one is saying he needs surgery but it is this inside (medial) elbow ligament that is sprained. The hope is the MRI does not show a complete tear. Allen did have the same UCL sprained in his rookie season and he missed four weeks.

Immediately after the play in question, Allen bounced a short pass to Stefon Diggs. Then on the final play, he threw an almost 70-yard incompletion. That bodes well that there is no complete tear and that surgery is not needed. However, that does not mean there is no injury.

The shaking and closing of his hand were indicative of the ulnar nerve zinger he felt from the force as the UCL was sprained. As a reminder, a sprain is a tear, just partial in nature.

Even if Allen can throw, there is the question of accuracy. In addition, can the Bills risk the same thing happening and turn this partial tear into a complete tear?

It seems the safest and most prudent thing is to consider a short break for Allen to allow for healing. As Buffalo holds its collective breath on the MRI results, this is the best way to ensure he will be there for the Bills' playoff push and Super Bowl dreams.

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David Chao, MD -- known digitally as Pro Football Doc -- is an expert contributor for Outkick. Chao spent 17 seasons as the team doctor for the San Diego Chargers (1997-2013) and is part of the medical team at OASIS in San Diego where he treats and specializes in orthopedic sports injuries, working with high-profile professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, and MLB.