Peter King Gets Triggered By Braves Game

Of all the spineless, triggered accounts online, the top rack is crowded with angry sports personalities and people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. One of these sports personalities, Peter King, has managed to stay seated on the rack next to Elle Duncan, Pablo Torre, and Adrian Wojnarowski, and on Saturday, he showed us why.

For the first time in 19 months, the Atlanta Braves played with 100% seating capacity at home on Friday. It was an awesome moment that brought the state of Georgia one step closer to normalcy, the end goal in the fight against COVID-19. Given the widespread enjoyment of the game, it was a must that at least one blue check, disgusted sports media member would look to spin the story negatively. Insert Peter King, who interrupted his Saturday afternoon to drop this one:

How dare sports fans celebrate?

King's tweet is sad, but so are the death totals of all causes. King's response also has nothing to do with the photo tweeted. Zero.

King is applying the worst of a situation, a total that is roughly 14 months and counting, to a present-day event. There was a time when fans should not have been in attendance at games. That time is not May 7, 2021, when over 257 million coronavirus vaccine doses have been administered.

King's logic is flawed. The death total from COVID is never going to go down. Nor will any total. It will never again be lower than what King tweeted Saturday. Does that mean Americans should never return to baseball games? Of course not.

It appears that, like Dr. Fauci, Peter King is having a hard time letting go of COVID. I get why Fauci can't get over it. COVID has enhanced his voice, a voice that otherwise doesn't matter. That doesn't apply to King, though. So, why is he having such a hard time letting go? Perhaps, as he revealed last year on OutKick, he is not very well informed about coronavirus.

On the other hand:


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