Paul Pierce Isn't Upset ESPN Fired Him for Taking Videos With Strippers

ESPN fired Paul Pierce in April after he posted videos of himself hanging out with strippers. It turned out, someone was dumb enough to post that while working for Disney.

In case you missed it:

Pierce opened up on Tuesday about ESPN kicking him out of the industry.

"I was done with them, anyway,” Pierce told Sports Illustrated. “It wasn’t a great fit. There’s a lot of stuff over there that you can’t say. And you have to talk about LeBron all the time.”

Pierce is correct. There are a lot of statements you can't make on ESPN. ESPN does make its talents talk about LeBron all the time. And, ESPN is not a great fit for guys who want to dance with strippers on IG Live. So I agree with Paul Pierce on all three assertions.

While ESPN did not ask Pierce to apologize, his agent, Jeff Schwartz, suggested he should anyway. Schwartz worried that the video might influence Hall of Fame voters. Hmm, is Pierce the first former NBA player to post clips with strippers? You tell me.

“Come on, I didn’t do anything illegal,” Pierce said about apologizing. “These motherf-----s in the Hall of Fame, some did , f---ing battery. What the f--- did I do?

"I was just having a good time. All the people coming after me, half you motherf-----s do the same s---. You’re just hiding it. And you all are married while you’re doing it. I’m divorced. I’m retired. I’m having fun.”

Pierce is correct again. Some married guys do that stuff.

We wish Paul Pierce the best in whatever is next. And as long as IG allows him to go live again, we all know what is next.

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