Padres Fan Unloads Multiple Rights On Fellow Padres Fans, Leaves Trail Of Carnage

If the 2022 MLB Playoffs were determined by fans punching each other, the San Diego Padres would be a huge favorite to win it all this year.

Just days after Padres fan rearranged Dodgers fan's face in a brutal knockout, there were more fireworks over the weekend at Petco Park where a new Padres fan felt like unloading some vicious rights.

That first punch might be the hardest shot of 2022:

What a year it's been for Petco, especially for Padres fans fighting each other. The franchise has spent a fortune ($236 million) to field a winning team and you can tell the tension is rising for fans who think it's World Series or bust.

They've been getting loaded trying to ease the pain of a club that is 23 games back from the Dodgers and will have to win a Wild Card game to face the Dodgers in what could be a bloodbath series.

If you thought Padres fans were savages this summer with their fighting, just imagine a Divisional Series round against L.A.

Fans might as wear riot gear if that series happens.

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