Our Leaders Endangered Us By Lying About Police

Between updating Jan. 6 talking points and distracting Americans from the ongoing border crisis, the media has little free time. Perhaps that explains its minimal coverage of the surging murder rates across the country, a story based on data that'd expose the consequences of the year-long quest to label police as racists and to massage radical calls to defund the police.

Calls to dismantle the police, supported by riots and burning buildings, were loudly heard in Minneapolis one year ago in response to George Floyd's death. Those demands, however, have quieted because of a need to now strengthen the department.

The first half of 2021 has been plagued with rising violence. Minneapolis has reported 32 homicidesalready this year, up from 15 last year, via data cited by Axios. Compared to the same period of 2019, Minneapolis murders have quadrupled.

"Murders have quadrupled." I can't think about a more depressing line to write. 

"In the past month, three children, ages 10 and under, have been caught in the crossfire of gun violence. Last week, 6-year-old Aniya Allen, the granddaughter of an anti-gang activist, died from a shot to the head and two other children remain hospitalized," Axios explains.

Between Jan. 1 and last week, Minneapolis shootings were up 153% compared to the same period in 2020. Carjackings were up 222%. It's open season. Commit crimes as you may.

Painting police as the enemy was never about George Floyd. It was a politically-driven power move to convince the population that Democratic leaders had a progressive plan to prevent dangerous interactions between police and citizens. George Floyd's death was the excuse.

Citizens' respect for police has plummeted while their disdain has risen. That's a victory for Rashida Tlaib, whose voice, remember, has influence.




As a result, police are now understandably more hesitant to do their jobs, knowing that narratives already drafted by the
New York Times are waiting to be filled in and published. Should police do the no-brainer and save a young girl from being murdered, they could have their safety jeopardized by a clueless athlete and his 50 million followers.

The Wall Street Journal detailed the impact:

"The crime increase began after Floyd’s death and has never let up. Nor has the assault on law enforcement that began with the arson destruction of the Third Precinct building on May 28, 2020. Officers are routinely punched, kicked and hit with projectiles. There was a near-riot in downtown Minneapolis in the early hours of May 22 following a shootout among club patrons. Two people were killed in that shootout and eight wounded. Responding officers called for backup across the Twin Cities at what the department called an “exceptionally chaotic scene.” The previous weekend, officers were maced, and pelted with rocks and debris while trying to disperse disorderly crowds."

Does that sound like a country we want to live in? If the answer is no, remember this scourge has been inflicted on us by politicians, journalists, and celebrities. For a year, Americans have been told to fear the police. College students have gotten the message as well: don't you dare support police on our campuses.

Should a survey ask Americans how many of the 100+ homicide victims in Minneapolis since May 25, 2020, were killed by police, they'd likely give a high number. How could they not? They watch the news and read social media, no? Should their answer be more than one, they'd be incorrect.

Despite that data, Attorney General Merrick Garland has opened a civil rights investigation into the Minneapolis Police Department. Garland is seeking evidence that the Minneapolis Police Department systemically violates blacks’ civil rights. If evidence exists, it hasn't been brought to light yet. So, Garland's staff has to work overtime to find the evidence they want.

Our leaders' response to George Floyd's death -- which should have never happened -- has been reckless. They have torn this country apart and endangered civilians. Their response has incentivized riots and crimes. Worst of all, they have effectively told the population that those employed to protect them were actually formed decades ago to destroy a race.

Our leaders' response has been based on a lie.

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