OnlyFans Model Laure Raccuzo Shot Adult Content In A French Soccer Stadium Bathroom & Now She's In Big Trouble With Club

OnlyFans superstar Laure Raccuzo is creating headlines in France where she's enemy No. 1 for a soccer club that doesn't appreciate the adult content she shot in a stadium bathroom stall.

Raccuzo, who advertises herself on the adult subscription site as a 28-year-old French girl, caught the attention of OGC Nice soccer club representatives who've reportedly filed a police complaint over Raccuzo's actions inside Allianz Riviera Stadium.

“A complaint was deposited on Tuesday by the OGC Nice club after a pornographic video recorded in the stadium,” the Departmental Directorate of Public Security (DDSP) said in a statement obtained Tuesday by AFP news agency.

French investigators, who are hot on the case, say the stadium sex went down on January 29 when Nice faced Lille in a match won by Nice 1-0. It turns out the Nice club wasn't the only winner that day at Allianz Riviera because one lucky fan went home with the experience of a lifetime.

Based on what I've been able to collect via an examination of the content in question, Raccuzo went to the game with the premise that she was going to hook up with some dude in the bathroom. Remember, this is all based on a French-to-English (I think) translation.

Raccuzo's guy doesn't show up, so she has to ask around if any other guys would like to take part in a content session. She eventually runs into some guy in a preposterous long-sleeve, short-sleeve, puffy vest combo who's DTF.

The $10 per month OnlyFans model tells her new friend to meet in the restroom after the game kicks off and they'll create content. So, Raccuzo eventually makes her way to the empty women's restroom and leaves the door open for her friend.

That's when I turned off the PornHub video. I'll let the rest of you Big J journalists figure out what happened from there.

Saved you a click, they created content!

And the French soccer club is PISSED. So is the stadium operator which now finds itself the butt of jokes from Twitter to PornHub where Raccuzo is racking up tens of thousands of views from fans who can't believe such behavior went down in the stadium.

While police investigate, Raccuzo continues to go about her business. She's been bantering back and forth with her new Twitter followers and seems prepared to make stadium sexcapades part of her OnlyFans business model.

It's unclear what the French police would charge Raccuzo with or if she will receive a permanent ban from the stadium.

Stay tuned, this one is heating up.

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