Nicolle Wallace Loved Biden's Afghanistan Speech, Says 95% of Americans Will Agree

Were you impressed with President Joe Biden's speech on Afghanistan? If your answer is no, you are in the small minority. That is, at least according to MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace.

Speaking to long-time liar Brian Williams, Nicolle Wallace praised Biden's speech and asserted that 95 percent of Americans will too. How does Wallace figure? She doesn't say, but she has more in-depth data to cite:

"95 percent of the American people will agree with everything he just said," Wallace announces. "95 percent of the press covering this White House will disagree."

Do 95 percent of Americans agree on anything?

"He also went a long way to really fleshing out a Biden doctrine. And there are questions about whether he can achieve what he set out. But there is no equivocation, there is no lack of confidence that this is the right decision," she continued.

"And what he has going for him is a vast majority of Americans in both political parties," Wallace concluded.

At this point, you have to wonder whether Wallace developed her opinion on Biden's speech before he delivered it. MSNBC execs could view such practice as proactive.

Monday, Biden left his vacation, flew back to DC, read a teleprompter for 20 minutes, deflected blame for Saigon on Steroids, refused to take questions from the press, and then returned to his vacation.

That's it. And somehow, Nicolle Wallace can't fathom that more than 5 percent of the country would disapprove of such a moment.

Nicolle Wallace is one of the most out-of-touch hosts in the country. She has no idea what Americans think. Wallace despises most Americans. She looks down on almost all of them.

"And for an American president to finally be completely aligned with such an overwhelming majority of what the American people think about Afghanistan is probably a tremendous relief to the American people," Wallace goes on.

Now, we await Nicolle Wallace to tell us what percentage of Americans think she is the best host on cable news. 73.6 percent, maybe? We are just picking random numbers, are we not?

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